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Pumpen- und Motorenfabrik GmbH

oddesse Pumpen- und Motorenfabrik develops and manufactures high-quality pump systems that guarantee resource-saving and sustainable use due to their excellent efficiencies, while at the same time significantly reducing operational energy costs.

For our customers worldwide, we develop energy-efficient pump systems made of environmentally friendly recyclable materials. These ensure not only long-lasting maintenance-free operation but also a high level of reparability. Thus, they contribute to the protection of the environment at the same time.

The oddesse product range includes a broad spectrum of different centrifugal pump designs for a variety of different applications. We focus on single- and multi-stage submersible motor pumps for delivering clean water, dirty water and effluent, as well as a large number of special applications. Discover all products and services here.

Modern know-how & reliable quality

Pumps from Oschersleben were already in demand all over the world 120 years ago. and things haven’t changed in this regard. In more than 50 countries around the world, besides Germany, the countries of the EU, especially in the regions of Central Asia, the Near and Middle East, North and South Africa, but also in the Far East and South America, oddesse pumps and systems enjoy a good reputation.

Submersible pumps

The multi-stage centrifugal pumps are used in the domestic water supply, in irrigation and drainage and in dewatering in mining and underground construction.

Submersible motors

With top values in power and efficiency, the asynchronous and permanent magnet synchronous submersible motors are suitable for driving all submersible pumps with international standards.

Booster pumps

The pressure-resistant, high-efficiency units guarantee low operating costs and are also available as highly efficient permanent magnet synchronous submersible pumps.

Propeller pumps

The single-stage centrifugal pumps with open semi-axial impeller are also available with highly efficient permanent magnet synchronous submersible motors and can be installed vertically as well as horizontally.

Drainage pumps

Due to their slim design and low weight, the waste water pumps can be used as mobile units for dewatering in mining and the construction industry.

Sewage pumps

ORPU‘s wastewater pumps with multiple cutting system are used for pumping raw water and wastewater with solids content in sewage treatment plants and pumping stations.

Water supply

A reliable supply of water can have a decisive effect on health, economic success and environmental safety. Whether it’s for domestic water supply by water works, the irrigation of agricultural land, the provision of service water for industry and power plants or the oxygen enrichment of breeding water at fisheries, submersible motor pumps from oddesse are called into action.

Water disposal

Equipment from oddesse is used for a broad range of tasks, from the disposal of dirty water and effluent in household, commercial, municipal and industrial settings to emergency situations.


As long as people engage in mining, the control of water will play a special role Modern pump systems facilitate dewatering in mining, both deep in the ground and on the surface.

Shipbuilding & Offshore

Ship building has accompanied humanity since the beginning of history and enabled every continent to be settled. The demand for ever larger bulk carriers and tankers at affordable prices has increased with the advent of the industrial revolution and globalisation. Today, this business is centred primarily in the Far East.

Industry & Agriculture

The broad range of applications of pumps and plants in industry and agriculture alone reveals the range of technical challenges facing modern pump engineering.


Energie- und Trinkwassertagung in Hawangen

For 20 years, the Energy and Drinking Water Conference in Hawangen has been a respected platform for networking between water supply and disposal companies, engineering firms, specialist authorities, plant engineers, manufacturers and service providers. In 2023 we will again be present as...

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oddesse receives the ISO 14001 certificate

It's done, after many days of preparation we have successfully completed the repeated certification of our environmental management system according to ISO 14001. All oddesse employees have contributed to this with their knowledge and commitment.The task now is to continue to consistently apply...

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Invitation to TAUSENDWASSER 2023

Nur noch wenige Tage: Dann öffnet die TAUSENDWASSER, Deutschlands vielleicht wichtigste rein wasserwirtschaftliche Messe, am 15. und 16. März 2023 in der STATION-Berlin ihre Tore. Auch in der nunmehr dritten Auflage dieser Veranstaltung ist die oddesse wieder vertreten. At booth BP10 in hall 3 our...

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