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Models: po-mo / po-mo-s / po-moh


  • Drive motors connected to deep well pumps for water delivery
  • Pump drive for applications with special requirements, such as in mining, utilisation of geothermal energy as well as in offshore and marine technology
  • Drive motors for all submersible motor pumps with connection dimensions according to NEMA standards or international standards, respectively


  • Motor performance and efficiency are best in class on a global level
  • Operate in both directions of rotation
  • Easy handling, maintenance-free operation and long service life
  • Service-friendly modular design enables the exchangeability of parts and leads to a small amount of stock
  • Fully recyclable motors
  • Environmentally sound design thanks to the use of physiologically inert materials, great energy utilisation and high resistance to corrosion
  • Comprehensive service network


  • Three-phase asynchronous motors for 50 or 60 Hz and voltages up to 1,000 V
  • High efficiency permanent magnet synchronous submersible motors for voltages up to 500 V as well as for 50 and 60 Hz
  • Water-filled motors with rewindable stators, dynamically balanced and with high resistance to thermal stress
  • High-quality thrust bearings that operate in both rotation directions and possess a high load-bearing capacity
  • Water-lubricated radial bearings for a horizontal and vertical motor application
  • Windings for temperatures up to 80° C of the pumped medium available
  • Speed regulation between 30 and 60 Hz via frequency converter possible
  • High-quality materials for application in service, industrial and seawater


  • Extensive mechanical, electrical and electronic accessories

Performance range (at 50 Hz)

  • Up to 45 kW/60 HP with 6" motors
  • Up to 132 kW/175 HP with 8" motors
  • Up to 220 kW/300 HP with 10" motors
  • Up to 400 kW/550 HP with 12" motors

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