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Model: po-upl / po-upl-s


  • Irrigation and drainage of agricultural areas
  • Water-level regulation (land reclamation and polder pumps)
  • Circulation of water in purification plants
  • Oxygen enrichment of breeding water at fisheries
  • Trimming of ships, ferries and tankers
  • Emptying and flooding of floating docks
  • Emptying and flooding of tanks
  • Clean or slightly dirty water with a solids content of up to 50 mg/l
  • Fresh water, seawater and brackish water
  • Delivered medium temperatures of up to 50 °C


  • Installation in vertical or horizontal position
  • Operation as in-line pump or submerged
  • Tandem and back-to-back arrangement possible
  • Excellent cooling thanks to water-filled motor and pumped medium flowing around the motor
  • Rewindable motor encapsulated via shaft seal, no mechanical feed-through to the outside
  • Adjustable via frequency converters
  • Long maintenance-free running periods
  • Minimal repair expenditure
  • Low plant and operating costs
  • Environmentally friendly: fully recyclable
  • Comprehensive service network


  • Single-stage centrifugal pumps with open semi-axial impeller
  • Submersible, rewindable and water-filled motors with protection level IP 68
  • also available as high efficiency permanent magnet synchronous submersible motors
  • High efficient three-phase synchronous motor with a permanent magnets equipped rotor
  • Motor cooling through pumped medium that flows around it
  • Water-lubricated radial and axial slide bearings
  • Encapsulation of rewindable motor via mechanical seal
  • Optimal motor filling guaranteed by a volume-compensation system
  • Rubber-sheathed electrical cable, watertight connected
  • Continuous operation, switching operation or frequency control
  • Tandem operation
  • High-quality materials for application in service, industrial and seawater


  • Extensive mechanical, electrical and electronic accessories

Performance range

  • Delivery volume Q = … 1,000 m³/h
  • Delivery height H = … 24 m

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