More than a century ago, pumps from Oschersleben were in demand around the world, and things haven't changed in this regard. Pumps and plants from oddesse enjoy an excellent reputation not only in Germany and other EU countries, but in over 50 countries around the globe, especially in the regions of Central Asia, the Near East and Middle East, Northern and South Africa as well as in the Far East and South America.

The oddesse product range includes a broad spectrum of different centrifugal pump designs for a variety of different applications. We focus on single- and multi-stage submersible motor pumps for delivering clean water, dirty water and effluent, as well as a large number of special applications.

For more than 80 years, oddesse have developed and produced submersible motors coupled with oddesse submersible motor pumps or as a drive unit for other pump manufacturers, and they are used around the world. We also produce single- and multi-stage centrifugal pumps for use in water management, industry, construction and the municipal sector.

In the field of plant engineering, oddesse plan and implement pump stations, effluent lift systems, pressure boosting plants and systems for delivering geothermal water, among other things.
The oddesse service and sales network guarantees our customers across the globe qualified consulting and technical support.