Competency isn't a gift

As long as people engage in mining, the control of water will play a special role. Modern pump systems facilitate dewatering in mining, both deep in the ground and on the surface.

Today, mining is one of the main areas of use of oddesse pumps, and that includes the delivery of abrasive and aggressive media. The replacement of grey cast iron with bronze for acidic media and new materials such as complex synthetics, elastomers and chrome- and duplex-steels guarantee reliable and low-maintenance operation. In addition to surface mining, where submersible motor pumps are used for well dewatering, specially designed feed pumps are used for ISL (in situ leaching) in the environmentally friendly production of heavy metals.

Our broad range of application-specific submersible motor pumps for mining also includes Söffel pumps, which handle dirty water. They are used on floating platforms as well.