A broad spectrum of applications for oddesse pumps

Submersible motor pumps and submersible motors from oddesse are used in a broad spectrum of applications in modern water supply and disposal in industry and agriculture, mining, shipbuilding, the offshore sector and in a broad range of applications covering municipal, commercial and private needs and emergency situations.

Developed around 80 years ago, our powerful pumps, motors and plants were and are being updated with new materials and modern technology to meet the specific requirements of our customers and the environment and are continually undergoing a process of perfection.

It is the modular design of pumps and motors, in particular, which enables specific adaptations to be made quickly, often in close co-operation with our customers and partners.

This has proven itself above all in the provision of energy-efficient submersible motors in OEM business for other manufacturers of submersible motor pumps.

For customers, oddesse offer pumps from the modern pump line. This efficient instrument provides the user with an important aid with which he or she can design the optimum pump and motor set-up corresponding to his or her needs.