Submersible motor pump systems as complete solution

In addition to energy and cost savings, the use of pump systems with permanent magnet motors offers the chance for recovering energy.

Hochbehälter - Wasserwerk Oschersleben
Hochbehälter - Wasserwerk Oschersleben

RheinHunsrück Water association upgraded the first of its 8 wells of water work RheinHunsrück to the new technology with permanent magnets.

The capacity of the aquifer varies depending on the season. Therefore the pumps have to adapt to different delivery heads. This is ensured by the frequency regulation. In addition, the oddesse submersible pump secures at a maximum delivery head of 31.5 m a flow rate of 70 l/s at a power input of P2 = 26.5 kW and up to 83 l/s at a power input of P2 = 32.4 kW. An appropriate system, consisting of a 10 inch submersible pump po-ss-270-1/10.1 with a 6”-permanent magnet-synchronous-motor po-mo-s6.2x 45 kW having a power input PN from 30 to 45 kW, and a frequency converter with du/dt filter, was provided to the water works. To the satisfaction of the operator both duty points can be run with this same system. A first evaluation showed that the energy consumption of the well could be reduced significantly. Before, the delivery of 1 m³ water required 0.1304 kW. The new system results in a consumption of only 0.0918 kW/m³, accounting for an energy saving of 0.0386 kW/m³. For a delivery head of 70 l/s, 9.65 kW/h can therefore be saved. With a continuous use of the pump of 8,000 operating hours per year, 77,200 kW and nearly 17,000 Euro on energy costs could be saved.

You can find the catalogues for 6“- and 8“-permanent magnet-synchronous-submersible motors on our website.

At the moment oddesse is working to use submersible motor pumps with permanent magnet motors for the recovery of energy. In several cases water from high-elevated tanks is fed with high operating pressures in pipelines and is adapted to the water supply pressure by using a pressure regulator. This energy shall then be used for the self-consumption of water suppliers.