Coupling fitting for difficult applications

In mining and tunnel construction, pumps are required which can drain water over high discharge heads. Our single-stage Söffel-pumps can reach a discharge head of maximum 60 m however. At the same time the space for the pump installation is limited. 

For these applications we offer special equipment for the drainage pumps po-Söffel.

Through a coupling fitting two or more pumps can be easily connected in series. Thus, the discharge head of the pump can be increased and the flow rate remains constant. The coupling fitting is installed directly at the suction piece of the second pump and is available for the entire Söffel-series.

We have been able to significantly extend the application range of our slim and extremely robust drainage pumps through the coupling fitting.

In addition, we also have other accessories available for you. For example low-level suction fittings for Söffel-pumps make it possible to lower the water level down to 8 mm.