Start of SÖFFEL* C production

After the start of the SÖFFEL* B series production, the first drainage pumps of the C-series are coming off the production line now. The SÖFFEL* C has a maximum head of 20 m and a delivery rate of up to 58 m³/h. 

Thanks to the new and more advanced hydraulics, the SÖFFEL* C convinces not only with its robust and slim design but also with an increased efficiency.

You can always contact us if you have questions about the new SÖFFEL*.


Telephone: +49 3949 932 0

to the drainage pumps

oddesse pumps in use all around the world

For the operation of the water fountain system in the Wat Phra Dhammakaya temple, we delivered our customer in Thailand six submersible motor pumps in stainless steel version of the series po-ss/8.6.

The largest Buddhist temple complex is located in the province Pathum Thani, north of Bangkok, and was built in 1970.

New development manager at oddesse

Our previous development manager, Gert Neumann, has gone into his well-deserved retirement after nearly 40 years of work. Since 1st of June Johannes Weinreich has been responsible for the development and engineering department.

from left Frank Hentrich and Johannes Weinreich

Due to his professional knowledge and his expertise in products and technical issues, Mr. Neumann has significantly contributed to the positive development of oddesse.

Johannes Weinreich has been with the company since the beginning of 2016 and previously worked as a design engineer in the pump industry. His first task has been the development and introduction of the new drainage pump series SÖFFEL*. The pumps are characterized by its compact, robust and wear-resistant construction.

The position of the deputy development manager has been taken over by Frank Hentrich. Since 2008 he has been working as an expert and developer for motors and is responsible for the development of our high efficiency permanent magnet-synchronous-submersible motors. In doing so we are able to meet the requirements according to DIN EN ISO 50001.

IFAT 2018 - we were part of it!

The IFAT, the biggest industry event of the environmental technologies, took place from 14 to 18 May. We took part as an exhibitor. 

With over 3,305 exhibitors and over 142,000 visitors from 162 countries the fair announced record numbers.

At our booth the visitors could convince themselves of the new drainage pump SÖFFEL* B as well as of the new vacuum pump ORVACUT from ORPU. Of course the proven submersible motor pumps, submersible motors, propeller and sewage pumps were also presented.

Click here for the final report of Messe München.

Now on YouTube

Visit our new YouTube channel to see how ORPU's ORCUT TES submersible sewage pump operates. In the future, we will also provide you with service videos for our products via YouTube.

So have a look.

Everybody is talking about energy efficiency

Already for the fourth time an experience exchange regarding “energy efficiency in water supply” took place at oddesse. This time the working group for process control and energy efficiency of DVGW-Central Germany was our guest to debate together with our experts.

In addition to influencing factors, life cycle costs and possibilities to save energy, the application of oddesse-permanent magnet-synchronous-submersible motors as and an efficient way to conserve resources and to save energy were discussed.

Afterwards the guests could convince themselves of the quality of the oddesse products during a tour through the production area.

If you also have questions about “energy efficiency of pump systems“, we are always at your disposal by phone or in person.

May we present: the new SÖFFEL*

Thanks to innovative technology, high energy efficiency and top quality the drainage pump is applicable for harshest environments in industrial and process water.

The SÖFFEL* convinces through an expanded performance range and high energy efficiency. Premium IE3-motors and an excellent thermal resistance lead to low energy consumption and significant reduction of energy costs. In addition the new hydraulic of the sewage pump offers an increased efficiency. Furthermore the SÖFFEL* is characterized by a long lifetime as well as by a robust design.

 The SÖFFEL* B series will be presented in May at IFAT in Munich. Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.

Submersible motor pump systems as complete solution

In addition to energy and cost savings, the use of pump systems with permanent magnet motors offers the chance for recovering energy.

Hochbehälter - Wasserwerk Oschersleben
Hochbehälter - Wasserwerk Oschersleben

RheinHunsrück Water association upgraded the first of its 8 wells of water work RheinHunsrück to the new technology with permanent magnets.

The capacity of the aquifer varies depending on the season. Therefore the pumps have to adapt to different delivery heads. This is ensured by the frequency regulation. In addition, the oddesse submersible pump secures at a maximum delivery head of 31.5 m a flow rate of 70 l/s at a power input of P2 = 26.5 kW and up to 83 l/s at a power input of P2 = 32.4 kW. An appropriate system, consisting of a 10 inch submersible pump po-ss-270-1/10.1 with a 6”-permanent magnet-synchronous-motor po-mo-s6.2x 45 kW having a power input PN from 30 to 45 kW, and a frequency converter with du/dt filter, was provided to the water works. To the satisfaction of the operator both duty points can be run with this same system. A first evaluation showed that the energy consumption of the well could be reduced significantly. Before, the delivery of 1 m³ water required 0.1304 kW. The new system results in a consumption of only 0.0918 kW/m³, accounting for an energy saving of 0.0386 kW/m³. For a delivery head of 70 l/s, 9.65 kW/h can therefore be saved. With a continuous use of the pump of 8,000 operating hours per year, 77,200 kW and nearly 17,000 Euro on energy costs could be saved.

You can find the catalogues for 6“- and 8“-permanent magnet-synchronous-submersible motors on our website.

At the moment oddesse is working to use submersible motor pumps with permanent magnet motors for the recovery of energy. In several cases water from high-elevated tanks is fed with high operating pressures in pipelines and is adapted to the water supply pressure by using a pressure regulator. This energy shall then be used for the self-consumption of water suppliers.

Events 2017

At the end of the year we are still on some events in Germany. There we would like to inform you about the new SÖFFEL* series, the systems with permanent magnet motor and of course about our existing product program.

Visit us for example at Trinkwassertagung Paderborn on 27 and 28 September or at Energie- und Trinkwassertagung ETWT on 24 and 25 October in Hawangen. We would also like to welcome you at Meistererfahrungsaustausch in Lübeck-Travemünde in December.

Permanent magnet-synchronous-submersible motors in use

The high efficiency submersible motor pump systems with new permanent magnet-synchronous- submersible motors are already used by some of our customers. 

Motorenwickelei in oddesse

By replacing an asynchronous by a synchronous motor, the operator of the waterworks in Colbitz, Germany, could reduce the annual energy consumption of one well by approx. 24,500 kWh and could therefore save 3,900 Euros.


By the way – the German government initiated a fund to support the replacement of old and inefficient pumps and motors. Maybe other governments offer similar financial support.

Solids in waste water – No problem for ORCUT TES!

Toilets are often used as waste bins. In addition to food waste and toiletries, wet wipes are more and more disposed. But these wet wipes cause clogging of the cutting system and ultimately lead to the failure of the pump.

ORCUT TES 148 and cutting unit

– Yet, that is no problem for the ORCUT TES. Unlike other waste water pumps ORCUT TES has a conical triple cutting system, which really gives a scissor-like cut of these solids without any problems.

You can find more information here.

Review Wasser Berlin International 2017

At the end of March, Berlin was once again the scene of the international water industry. 450 exhibitors from over 26 countries presented their products and technologies for water supply and water disposal.

At our booth you were able to see our new submersible motor pump systems with permanent magnet-synchronous-submersible motor. Furthermore the proven submersible motor pumps, asynchronous motors, drainage, propeller as well as sewage pumps encountered the interest of our visitors.


Energy efficient submersible motor pump system

oddesse developed an energy efficient system, which shall support water suppliers in sustainably saving energy costs and contribute to protect the environment.

Energieeffiziente Tauchmotorpumpensysteme

The system, consisting of a submersible motor pump with permanent magnet motor, frequency converter and output filter are already successfully used by some of our customers. Due to the permanent magnet technology and the matched components the overall efficiency of the system can be increased by up to 9 % and energy costs can be reduced by 30 %.

The permanent magnet-synchronous-submersible motors are available in 6“, 8“, and 10“ size. You can find more information regarding our permanent magnet motors here.

The development of the Permanent Magnet-Synchronous-Submersible Motor is supported by the European Union with funds of the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE).

Coupling fitting for difficult applications

In mining and tunnel construction, pumps are required which can drain water over high discharge heads. Our single-stage Söffel-pumps can reach a discharge head of maximum 60 m however. At the same time the space for the pump installation is limited. 

For these applications we offer special equipment for the drainage pumps po-Söffel.

Through a coupling fitting two or more pumps can be easily connected in series. Thus, the discharge head of the pump can be increased and the flow rate remains constant. The coupling fitting is installed directly at the suction piece of the second pump and is available for the entire Söffel-series.

We have been able to significantly extend the application range of our slim and extremely robust drainage pumps through the coupling fitting.

In addition, we also have other accessories available for you. For example low-level suction fittings for Söffel-pumps make it possible to lower the water level down to 8 mm.


At the beginning of August our CEO, Joachim Kunkel, our instructor, Günter Paulus and the head of the Avacon AG training and education center, René Schoof, welcomed our new trainees, Jan Frank Klupsch and Michel Urban.

v. l.: René Schoof, Jan Frank Klupsch, Michel Urban, Joachim Kunkel, Günther Paulus

The three-year apprenticeship as electronic technicians for industrial engineering is provided in cooperation with the eductaion center of Avacon AG.

We wish both of them a good start and much success. 

Review IFAT 2016

From the end of May to the beginning of June the city of Munich was once again the scene of the Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials industry. The World´s Leading Trade Fair for environmental technologies was marked by the high level of international participation.

At our booth you were able to see our recent developments and capabilities. Beside the proven submersible motor pumps and submersible motors, sewage and drainage pumps the recent developments regarding our submersible motor pump systems with permanent magnet-synchronous- submersible motor encountered the interest of the national and international trade visitors.

A total of 3,097 exhibitors - 1,695 companies from Germany and 1,402 companies from other 59 countries, presented their innovations and new developments for the environmental technology sector on 230,000 square meters of exhibition space. With 45 percent, the proportion of exhibitors from outside Germany was higher than ever before at IFAT.

10th anniversary of ORPU Pumpenfabrik GmbH

In 2016 we celebrate anniversary – the 10th anniversary of our subsidiary, ORPU Pumpenfabrik GmbH. Since 2006 ORPU, based in Oranienburg, has been on our side as a reliable partner and specialist in the area of waste water technology.

The company Hellfrich Oranienburg was founded in the year 1936. The VEB Metallwerk, which consisted of several companies, was transformed to Oranienburger Pumpen-, Verdichter- und Maschinenbau GmbH in 1990.

After the acquisition of the insolvent company, the subsidiary of oddesse has been operating as ORPU Pumpenfabrik GmbH since March 2006.

For over 80 years, the company has been developing and producing pumps and compressors. The product range includes pumps for delivering clean and waste water, sewage lifting systems as well as compressors for ventilation of biological treatment plants. 

Use on Board

Pumps and motors of oddesse are more and more used in the offshore and shipyard industry. Our customers value the reliability of the products regarding power and longevity. 

The ORPU-sewage pumps ES, KM as well as side channel and submersible motor compressors are used on board and on offshore platforms for the treatment of waste water. The propeller pumps po-upl, the drainage pumps po-Söffel and the submersible motor pumps po-so/ss in particular are highly qualified for different systems for the delivery of sea and brackish water.

All products are certified in accordance with DNV GL - Maritime or ABS, two of the biggest and international accepted ship and offshore classification societies.

Efficacité énergétique - la mesure de toutes les choses, c’est bien sûr, aussi important pour nous.

Dans le cadre de la transition énergétique, l' industrie de l'eau cherche à améliorer l'efficacité de l'énergie et à répondre sa responsabilité envers les personnes et l'environnement. Donc, de plus en plus d'entreprises à relever les défis pour intégrer un système de gestion de l'énergie selon la norme internationale ISO 50001 dans leurs opérations.

Energy efficiency - the measure of all things, for us as well

As part of the energy turnaround the water industry aims to continuously improve the energy efficiency and to assume responsibility towards society and the environment. To meet these challenges companies integrate an energy management system into their operational processes according to the international standard ISO 50001.

They work intensively to reduce the life cycle costs of pumps. With a share of 80 % the energy costs are an essential factor for the profitability assessment.

Laufrad Tauchmotorpumpe

For us as a manufacturer it is therefore important to provide pumps and motors with high efficiencies and to adapt the pumps to the required parameters. For our submersible motor pumps we are going an unorthodox way. By precisely adapting the impeller diameter to the operating parameters, we adjust the pump hydraulics and demonstrate the results in a test report. At constant operating parameters, this procedure offers an alternative solution to the speed control in pumps. The investment costs can be reduced.

In this way we were able to attract new customers.

If you want to make your pump system more efficient or want to get further information we will provide you with advice and assistance.

Development of permanent magnet motors for submersible pumps

As innovative manufacturer of submersible motors and pumps oddesse Pumpen- und Motorenfabrik GmbH is working on the development of Permanent Magnet-Synchronous-Submersible Motors for submersible motor pumps.

With rising energy costs and the increasing orientation of our customers to use energy as efficient as possible, oddesse has decided to develop a new energy-efficient concept for motors for submersible motor pumps. Aim of the development is to bring a Permanent Magnet-Synchronous-Submersible Motor in sizes of 6“, 8“, 10“ and 12“ to the market in the near future. With an increase of efficiency of 6 % the motor exceeds the previous standard market asynchronous motors regarding energy efficiency.

The development of the Permanent Magnet-Synchronous-Submersible Motor is supported by the European Union with funds of the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE).

L’Installation d'eau chaude en Indonésie

Dans La mine de  Gosowong  de l’or et l’argent, qui est situé sur l'île indonésienne de Halmahera, en raison de la profondeur ne peuvent être utilisés  que des pompes immerges.  A travers des températures élevées de l'eau jusqu'à 90 °C il y a un risque de surchauffe de l’entraînement de la pompe.

Hot water installation in Indonesia

In the Gosowong gold and silver mine, which is located in the Indonesian island of Halmahera, only submersible motor pumps can be installed because of the depth. Due to high water temperatures up to 90 °C, there is a risk of overheating of the pump drive.

These operating temperatures put high requirements on the construction of submersible motors. So there is considerable demand on the winding of the motor and on the sustainability of used bearings.

So far other motor manufacturers have been unable to offer reliable solutions for that purpose.

By combining a 6" submersible motor pump with an 8" hot water submersible motor at a voltage of 1000 V, we are able to minimize the default risk of overheating.

Thanks to our Australian partner, the oddesse submersible pumps have been successfully in use in the Gosowong mine since October 2013.

We implemented a similar project for our customer in Vietnam, too.

Pompes et moteurs dans le laboratoire d'essai

Pour le développement et les essais des pompes immergés et moteur d’oddesse – existe dans la production de notre usine à Oschersleben un laboratoire moderne d’essai.

Pumps and motors put to the test

For the development and testing of oddesse submersible pumps and motors a modern test field is available in our production facility in Oschersleben.

Here up to two submersible pumps can be tested computer-aided at the same time. The maximum drive capacity is 400 kW at 50 Hz.

The test tank, inserted in the hall floor, with well imitations is 6.50 m deep, holds 300,000 litres of water and allows the installation of submersible pumps up to a length of 5m.

Flows from 3 to 2500 m3/h and heads of up to 400 mWS can be simulated from the central evaluation and operator station.

Apart from testing oddesse products, we offer our customers the testing of pumps and motors from other manufacturers, as well. The highlight is that we adapt the duty point of the pump according to customers’ needs. The results are automatically recorded, printed on a report and handed over to the customer.

Applied norms

  • EN ISO 9906 for pump measurement
  • Centrifugal pumps - hydraulic tests grades 1 and 2
  • DIN VDE 530 for motor testing

Available measurements

  • Performance curves of submersible motor pumps including all required performance data
  • Performance curves of submersible motors
  • Endurance tests of submersible motors and motor pumps
  • Determination of self-heating of submersible motors
  • Torque/speed characteristic of submersible motors

Please feel free to contact us for further information about the test field.

Pompe de protection pour Navire

En se basant sur le Model B des pompes de drainage oddesse a développé une nouvelle pompe de haute performance de protection pour navire, est adapté pour le pompage de l’eau clair, eau de mer, eau saumâtre et pour le transport des fluides abrasifs.


Vessel damage control pump

Based on the Söffel B oddesse developed a new powerful vessel damage control pump. The pump is suitable for pumping fresh, sea and brackish water as well as for the delivery of abrasive media.

At a flow rate up to 77 m³/h and a delivery head of up to 45 m, the pump has a maximum nominal power of P2 = 7.5 kW.

The pump meets all ergonomic requirements for the use on ships. The weight of 60 kg is not exceeded, so that a transport by two persons can be realized. An additional grab handle on the pump bottom secures the option for horizontal transport and the safe stand of the pump. In addition, a sling point (eye bolt) on the discharge side allows the abseiling of the pump. The suction side has a special construction. The integrated strainer of the pump is provided with a Storz connection B and can therefore be easily removed when the pump is to work in tandem installation. The revolving pedestal protects the strainer as well as the coupling fitting in the respective application.

The constructive solutions can be applied to the entire series of submersible drainage pumps Söffel.


Le Salon WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL 2015 a pris fin. De nouveau vous pourriez être impressionné de notre efficacité.

oddesse / ORPU - exhibition stand WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL 2015


The WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL 2015 has come to an end. Again you were able to see our capabilities.

Our exhibition stand, which was constructed by the company M3 from Magdeburg, left a very good impression on the visitors.

Beside the proven sewage and drainage pumps, submersible motor pumps and submersible motors, the new bottom intake pumps and vessel damage control pumps encountered the interest of the national and international trade visitors.

Overall, we can look back on a successful exhibition with many constructive discussions. The numerous trade reports are being evaluated and processed by us now.

We are hoping for an equally strong response at IFAT 2016 in Munich and are looking forward to seeing you there.

Thank you very much for your visit.


The team of oddesse Pumpen- und Motorenfabrik GmbH und ORPU Pumpenfabrik GmbH

Les jalons d’une histoire – oddesse célèbre plusieurs anniversaires

L'ère de l'industrialisation venait tout juste de commencer en Allemagne et les premiers chemins de fer parcouraient le pays. Ce fut dans ce contexte de mutations sociales que deux frères fondèrent, en 1854, une usine à Oschersleben, la Forstreutersche Maschinenfabrik.

oddesse - Forstreutersche Maschinenfabrik in Oschersleben

Ceci marqua la naissance de l'industrie des pompes dans la plaine de Magdebourg. En 1897, une fusion eut pour effet de faire venir son nom actuel de Hambourg à Oschersleben. C’est ainsi que fut fondée la société Maschinenfabrik oddesse GmbH. Le développement et la fabrication de moteurs submersibles et de pompes immergées, à la fin des années 1930, a ouvert la voie à l'usine actuelle de pompes et de moteurs oddesse.

oddesse - Außenansicht heute

Ces anniversaires seront dignement célébrés par oddesse en septembre 2014, en présence de ses nombreux clients, partenaires et collaborateurs.

01/04/1854 Fondation de la Forstreutersche Maschinenfabrik
22/09/1994 Fondation de la oddesse Pumpen und Motorenfabrik GmbH

Rétrospective IFAT 2014

Le Salon IFAT 2014 à Munich a pries fin. Notre stand est démonté. Ils ont été impressionnés par la Performance de la oddesse.

oddesse - Rétrospective IFAT 2014

La gamme complète des pompes submersibles en acier inoxydable et moteurs immergés trouvé un grand intérêt parmi les visiteurs. L'objectif de l'exposition, la nouvelle série de 10 "moteurs immergés avec une plus grande efficacité et des moteurs spéciaux pour pompe à polder était.

Les pompes d'eaux usées avec des hauteurs plus élevées de livraison et de nouvelles applications de pompes à hélice ont été particulièrement significative dans les industries minières et de la construction. Le ORPU récemment développé pompe submersible TMS 120 avec la nouvelle coupe a été un centre d'attraction surtout pour les nombreux visiteurs étrangers sur notre stand.

Nous vous remercions de votre visite et vous aider à continuer à avoir des questions et des demandes disponibles.

L'exposition équipe la pompe à oddesse et usine de moteur GmbH

oddesse - Rétrospective IFAT 2014

Une image de marque qui se précise

Oddesse est une entreprise moderne. Pourquoi ? Parce que notre pensée et notre action englobent toute la complexité des défis de notre temps : la technique, les hommes, l’environnement.

En tant que moyenne entreprise de type familial, nous ne limitons pas nos capacités d'innovation au développement et à la réalisation de « réponses techniques ».

oddesse Logo smart power for life

Nous avons choisi d’adopter une approche globale qui inclut tous ces facteurs, ce qui explique que nous soyons considérés comme une entreprise moderne, qui a su conquérir une position de leader dans tous les domaines.

Moins d'énergie consommée pour accomplir davantage, de façon durable.

Il s’agit là d’un positionnement visionnaire et déterminé vis-à-vis de l’avenir. Connaître une marque, c'est la reconnaître. Le rôle de la nouvelle charte graphique est de réunir les messages portés par l'entreprise. Ce que nous souhaitons, c’est que notre action soit perçue exactement telle qu’elle est menée.

L’usine ODDESSE d’Asie centrale (OZA) passe en production

Une étape importante dans le développement international d'oddesse

Le 16 septembre 2013, l'usine OZA de Chimkent, au Kazakhstan, a été officiellement ouverte.

Cette extension de nos capacités est la conséquence de longues années de présence en Asie centrale. La production de l'usine est principalement destinée à ce marché, et en particulier aux industries minières et aux importants programmes de gestion des eaux, notamment au Kazakhstan.

Technologies de production, équipement et formation des spécialistes : tout a été organisé, développé et réalisé à l'usine-mère d'Oschersleben. La production des motopompes submersibles, développées spécialement pour les conditions de ces marchés, se situe déjà au seuil de la stabilité.